New York Allows Trucking Companies to Give CDL Road Tests

According to Transport Topics, New York is now allowing trucking companies and other qualified third parties to administer commercial driver license road tests, in an effort to address the state’s commercial driver shortage. “We are doing more than just getting drivers licensed and on the road ­— we are creating new avenues that will keep New York moving,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said of the initiative, announced Sept. 23. “By allowing third parties to offer road tests for truck and bus drivers, we will help get children to school, get vital goods where they need to go, and much more. My administration is committed to continuing efforts that will address commercial driver shortages, helping drive the state’s economy forward.”

Hochul is taking the action as part of an effort to address driver shortages for buses and trucks. The goal is to increase the number of testing locations across the state and reduce wait times so that more CDL drivers can get on the road faster. New York opened new CDL driver testing sites earlier this year by collaborating with the State University of New York, the Thruway Authority, the New York Racing Association, and the New York State Office of General Services to use large lots at their various sites for road tests.

The state’s department of motor vehicles has also removed a 14-day waiting period between permit and road tests further expediting the CDL process. They have also increased room for more written exams to be facilitated. New York also amended its Vehicle and Traffic Law in May to establish an intrastate CDL Class A young adult training program, which enables the DMV to issue a Class A CDL to a person aged 18 to 20.

Additionally, through the state DMV website, qualified third parties can apply for certification to administer tests. Entities that have their applications approved must sign a memorandum of understanding provided by the DMV. Nongovernmental organizations must maintain a $20,000 surety bond.