NFI Industries Hosts First ‘Trucks are for Girls’ Event

Powered by the Women in Trucking Association through its Girl Scout Transportation Patch program, NFI Industries hosted its first ‘Trucks are for Girls’ event. This event gave the local Girl Scouts of Hagerstown, MD a sneak peek into the world of trucking.

The event kicked off by teaching the girls the basics of trucking and why it is important. For this portion of the day, NFI operations personnel and a professional woman driver began by asking the girls about their favorite stores and the products they buy there to demonstrate how trucking touches our everyday lives.

Next, the group was off to the safety simulator, where NFI’s driver shared some safety facts and demonstrated how to drive a manual. From there, they stepped outside to do a safety walk around. Finally, they had the opportunity to hop into the cab where they had the opportunity to see the layout, sit in the driver’s seat, and of course, honk the horn.

“This was by far their favorite part,” said Alexa Branco, Sr. Operations Support Manager for NFI. “They were all constantly laughing and cheering each other on.”

By midday, they headed back inside for a fun supply chain relay race before enjoying a pizza lunch.

The excitement continued after lunch when they each received their very own Transportation patch, Supply Chain activity book, and Clare, the trucker doll.

As the event’s end neared, and it was time to load up and head out, the girls enthusiastically shared how much fun they had asking when they could come back.

“After hosting this event and feeling the impact firsthand to the girls, while getting positive feedback from the field,” concluded Branco, “We are now providing resources to expand the program nationwide at our NFI facilities and continue to educate the next generation of truck drivers.”