November Class 8 Sales Reach Second Highest of 2022

Class 8 retail sales have seen monthly gains compared to a year earlier since May. Last month, November saw the second highest number of Class 8 sales this year, rising 39.5% to 23,075 compared to last November’s 16,539. August remains the 2022 month to beat with 23,581 sales.

Year-to-date sales have increased 14.2% to 225,163, compared to 197,224 for the same period of 2021.

All class 8 truck makers but one have noted increased sales compared with the previous year.

Freightliner remained the market leader, claiming 36.6% of sales (8,453 trucks), a 37.8% increase over last November.

The greatest improvement came from International, with sales climbing 129.5% to 3,016, earning them 13.1% of sales.

Kenworth Truck Co. grew 59.8% to 3,743 sales, a 16.2% share of total sales.

Peterbilt Motors Co. increased 27.1% to 3,612 sales, claiming 15.7% of sales.

Mack Trucks rose 22.8% to 1,665 sales, earning them 7.2% of sales.

Volvo Trucks of North America claimed 9.2% of sales after a 3.6% increase brining them to 2,121 sales.