Officials warn truck drivers in Atlanta about unwanted passengers

An unidentified, shirtless man has been jumping onto the exterior of semi-trucks and hitching a ride on Atlanta area highways.

Several videos have been circulated online of the man holding onto the outside side-mirror of the cab of the truck with one hand and using the other to hold a cigarette as the trucks rolled down Interstate 85 South, CBS46 reported.

“I just shook my head,” one witness told reporters. “The things I see go on in Atlanta do not surprise me.”

“What is going on man?” Facebook user Tuvoris Thomas said as he recorded video of the man in Dekalb County.

The Atlanta Police Department said there have been several incidents of people riding on the outside of semis recently. Officials said the new “game” not only puts “stow aways” in danger, but also the truck drivers and those around them, WRCBtv reported.

“The safety of our citizens is our number one priority,” APD said in a statement. “We take these incidents serious, and we want to send a strong message to those that continue to put Atlanta on the map or on the ‘Gram’ for things that don’t serve our greater good, make us better, or uplift our city.”

The department is asking witnesses to put their cameras down and call 911.