On-site repair shops a necessity for trucking companies

Truck maintenance is an integral part of being a successful trucking company. Having on-site repair shops allow companies to increase their self-sufficiency, see higher reliability in repairs, keep more trucks on the road, make drivers happy and save both money and time, as reported by Alexander Dovgal at Commercial Carrier Journal. Here’s a look into why having an on-site repair shop should be a priority for trucking companies.

Having access to maintenance on-site allows companies to enhance self-sufficiency. Drivers would no longer have to search out an external repair shop, which may be unable to complete the specific repair needed. The mechanics at an on-site shop would have an extensive understanding of the repair history for both the truck and potentially its trailer. This makes realizing and then repairing the issue an easier process with higher accuracy. Overall, there will be less misdiagnosing of issues with a mechanic who has been servicing the truck for years.

Accuracy and a decrease in misdiagnosing is supported by the reality that the documents of the truck’s history would be an internal resource. At an outsourced repair shop, documentation would have to be provided and even then, it is not absolute that the shop would carefully read it and apply the prior knowledge to their service. An internal mechanic would have a higher stake in completing the job with accuracy and integrity.

Not only would an on-site shop support the company as a whole, but individual drivers would also enjoy peace of mind. In an emergency, the driver would know who to contact for a repair, and even better, know the repair would be completed correctly and quickly. The on-site mechanics would understand the importance of getting the driver back on the road better than an off-site shop. This would encourage them to devote whatever time and energy is necessary to the repair.

However, if the repair is demanding a large amount of time, the driver will already be on-site allowing for an easy transition into another truck to complete the route. This helps the company in saving both money and time.

Another way to save money with an on-site shop is the relationship that is created between the company and the shop. Both discounts and priority are given to drivers who are associated with a specific, on-site shop.

Being on-site also means that the stock is specific to the company and its fleet of trucks. With an outsourced shop, parts sometimes have to be shipped in, accruing shipping fees. An on-site shop has a higher probability of avoiding this part of the process, saving the company on extra fees.

Aside from all the fiscal opportunities that come from having an on-site repair shop, there is the advantage of building a relationship between drivers and mechanics. Both drivers and mechanics are vital and skilled employees who allow trucking companies to run smoothly. Developing relationships between the two allows for high levels of success, across the board.