Pets can improve your health both physically and mentally

The Trucker recently reported that a survey conducted in honor of National Take Your Pet to Work Week found that 56% of those surveyed travel with their pets often: 66% of those respondents say it’s for companionship and 19% for emotional support. Many truck drivers shared their stories about being able to bring their pets along while working. Many of them expressed how their pets provide them with comfort while on the road, especially those away from family and driving alone. Many pets are intuitive and can sense when their owners are feeling nervous, anxious, or scared and quickly become of comfort. Pets also allow you to require yourself to get more time in the sun! If you’re traveling with your dog, you know you’ll have to stop a few times a day to walk them. It creates structured time in your day to take a break and enjoy the moment before getting back on the road!

The survey also found that most professional truck drivers who take their pets on the road with them (54%) said they would reconsider their profession in trucking if their ability to bring their pet was taken away, even more for drivers who have emotional support pets. For those carriers who don’t allow their drivers to bring their pets, it’s worth really looking into the benefits and potentially reconsidering the matter. Click here for the full story!