Ports introduce back-up plans with 25,000 truckers on strike in South Korea

Truck drivers in South Korea went on strike earlier this week and they are demanding freight rates to be achieved to guarantee basic wages. TheLoadStar reports that the “Safe Trucking Freight Rates System was introduced during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to deter dangerous driving and to ensure minimum wages”. This system is set to expire in December, but drivers are demanding that it be extended due to rising fuel costs and are fearful that their livelihood is being risked.

Although they are free to protest, the South Korean police has made it clear that anyone that is protesting and interfering with drivers who are not striking, will be arrested. In the mean time, officials and different ministries are meeting to find back up solutions should the strike continue. The busiest ports on the country already have their back up plans in place. There are plans for extra team members and extra storage as well. They will continue to create plans in case the strike is prolonged more than expected.