Quick-thinking motorist rescues trucker suffering from medical emergency

A motorist was able to save the life of a trucker, and possibly others, by taking control of a wrong-way semi truck in Minnesota on Thursday morning. 

The incident occurred on March 18th at around 11:41 a.m. in St. Cloud, Minnesota. 

According to The Star Tribune, police received multiple calls reporting a semi truck traveling north in the southbound lanes of N. 9th Avenue near Northway Drive at a very slow speed, but before they could get there a passing motorist got out of their vehicle, ran up to the rig, and was able to hop inside. The motorist then steered the slow-moving rig towards a curb, bringing it safely to a standstill, all before police could arrive. 

It was then discovered that the 65-year-old trucker had been experiencing a medical emergency that caused him to lose consciousness, which led to the strange driving behavior. 

The driver was transported to a nearby hospital, but their condition is not known. The identities of the sick driver and the brave motorist have not been released. 

No other vehicles were damaged in the incident.