Rancho Cordova gas station sold gas at 69 cents per gallon for several hours

Imagine going to a fuel pump and seeing you’ll be paying under a $1 for EACH gallon?! Well, a Rancho Cordova station made the mistake and accidently sold fuel at a way lower rate. This was caused a glitch at a Shell gas station. As reported by Fox 40 the price was caused by a “technical error”. Gas was listed at $6.99 per gallon, but a different placement of the decimal point meant it was being sold for 69 cents. Considering the local price average is at about $7 in some places, this brief error granted some drivers relief from the daily increasing gas prices, even if it was just for a few hours. The manager at the time, has been fired from his job. This error in the system caused the gas station to lose near $20,000 putting them in a difficult position. It is possible that he could get sued, so he is trying to pay pack what has been lost in those few hours.