Record 18,000 Hours of Community Service Achieved by Averitt Associates

Averitt volunteers

Associates within Averitt’s expansive 20-state network rallied together for a remarkable community service effort in 2023, amassing a total of 18,764 hours as part of the annual Team Up Community Challenge. This achievement nearly doubled Averitt’s previous yearly record of 10,433 hours, underscoring the company’s commitment to making a positive impact.

The diverse range of service projects undertaken by Averitt associates included clothing, food, and toy drives, active participation in school functions, organizing blood drives, and contributing to holiday initiatives. A total of 102 local Averitt teams actively participated, collectively serving 205 community organizations.

“Helping people is something we strongly believe in,” said Gary Sasser, Averitt chairman and chief executive officer. “The Team Up Community Challenge is part of our culture of Associate Sharing, and our 2023 results were an incredible example of what’s possible when we work together. It also shows the kind of people we have on our team – people who go the extra mile and step up to meet the needs of our communities.”

Since the inception of the Team Up Community Challenge in 2011, Averitt associates have consistently demonstrated their dedication to community service, contributing:

  • 70,973 hours of community service
  • Support to 1,145 organizations

This remarkable track record not only highlights Averitt’s commitment to excellence in the transportation industry but also underscores its broader role in consistently giving back to communities across the nation. Through such initiatives, the trucking industry, represented by companies like Averitt, continues to play a vital role in making a positive difference beyond its core business functions.



Source: The Trucker

Photo: Averitt