Recruitment and retention becomes a costly challenge for trucking, execs say

TransportDive recently reported on the different challenges faced within the trucking industry when it comes to recruitment and retention. Hirschbach Motor Lines President Brad Pinchuk claims that the carrier’s driver hiring costs have increased by about 2.5 times since the pandemic began. “We’re having to work harder to keep our trucks filled,” Pinchuk said during a carrier perspective session at an annual conference. “We’re keeping them full, but we’re having to work a lot harder. We’re having to spend a lot more money.” It has become more costly to retain workers with driver wages jumping by 10.8% by the mile. Hiring cost increases include everything from advertising job postings to paying recruiters and training new employees, according to Pinchuk.

Bill Kretsinger, CEO, chairman, and chief customer officer of American Central Transport agreed that hiring and onboarding costs are rising significantly. He also mentioned that drivers expect more from their employers.

Drivers are requiring more time off, more flexibility, and overall comfort within the role. Companies that historically had stronger retention rates are existing in a shifting environment for new hires. “They’re just so picky,” he said. “It just seems like it’s getting tougher to … retain them long term.”