Scott Swenson Named Minnesota Trucking Association Driver of the Year

The Minnesota Trucking Association announced the winner of the 2022 Minnesota Driver of the Year Award last week at their annual Driver of the Year Banquet.

Scott Swenson, who works for Dart Transport in Eagan, received the honor. Swenson has been driving for 46 years and has earned an impressive driving record over the decades.

Photo: KSTP

“I’ve got over four million miles accident free and I’m almost to five. I’m working my way to five million,” Swenson said. “I can’t see sitting there staring at a computer talking to people. I’d rather be out running down the road. It’s just in my blood.”

“These are humble people,” President of the Minnesota Trucking Association John Hausladen said. “They don’t want to be in the spotlight. They don’t even want to be nominated, but to get them in and get someone like Scott with such a great story, great safety record. It’s a huge honor and he’s the best of what we offer.”

Swenson mentioned having trucking in his blood, and he does come by the profession honestly. His father also worked at Dart for several years.


Source: KSTP