See how this OTR trucker cooks in the cab

Getting a good hot meal while OTR can be tough some days, but these drivers have circumvented the hassle of rustlin’ up some grub by turning their cabs into a mini kitchen – We’ll have what they’re having!

“Alright, who else cooks in their truck?” wrote CDLLife App user Mack M. in a post showcasing quite an impressive breakfast, and even step-by-step photos of how he managed this delicious concoction, all inside the cab of his truck. 

“I almost have a full kitchen,” Mack continued. “Share your ideas and I’ll be sharing how I do it. Believe me, I know it’s not for everybody and that’s alright but this breakfast sure beats the Chesters Tenders I had yesterday!”

“Making me hungry, but that’s okay,” commented CDLLife App member Navy Gator. “I got chicken with vegetables and mushroom soup cooking in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. I’ll have it on rice.”

“I do. Here’s breakfast,” shared another member, complete with a photo of toast and eggs. 

“I’m still struggling to figure out how I’d set sh*t up without the dog getting inadvertently involved.” added another. 

“This portable freezer is a life and money saver,” posted another App member, showing off some tasty frozen snacks kept fresh right in his cab. 

“One skillet method,” AJ shared in another post, showing off a simple yet effective method for cooking breakfast – perfect for keeping cooking tools to a minimum in the limited space of a truck cab. 

Have any OTR cooking tips or delicious recipes of your own? Head over to the CDLLife App and share them with a community of truckers who will appreciate the input! Stay safe out there, drivers.