Senior takes hundreds of thank-you cards to truck stops during pandemic to show drivers gratitude

The pandemic hit many hard, but particularly harder on the trucking industry and Beverly Perrin took it upon herself to brighten the days of drivers. She saw the endless news about supply shortages and wanted to extend her kudos. Her and her husband delivered about 75 – 100 personalized thank you cards to truck drivers. They spread their deliveries across 3 – 4 weeks in Ontario, Canada. They have delivered up to a thousand cards to truck drivers. She tells CBC news, “One trucker asked me, ‘How much do I pay you’ [I told him} it’s just from me to you, as a senior – that we so appreciate you.”

Her cards all have one common message: “thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores. Even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care. Stay safe. God’s blessing on you always. Love Beverly Perrin, a very grateful senior”.

­Photo sourced from CBC News