Swedish truck driver doubles her pay as a trucking influencer on YouTube

Angelica Larsson, a 31-year-old truck driver from Sweden, brings in an extra $6,000 a month on YouTube as one of the biggest “trucking influencers” in the world.  She told Business Insider that that’s more than double what she makes hauling freight up Sweden’s snowy mountain terrain.

How is she spending that money? She’s not. She said she’s saving it to travel and encourage young women who are breaking into the trucking industry.

“In Europe overall, like in Bulgaria or Russia, there are not many girls driving,” she told  Business Insider. “I have a lot of followers from outside Sweden … it’s important for them to see that girls can drive trucks, too.”

In 2014, Larsson began posting fitness content to Instagram, but her followers were far more interested in her job as a truck driver than her fitness. Now, she has over 334,000 followers on Instagram and 319,000 subscribers on Youtube.

“I’m a small girl who drives big trucks,” she told Insider. “Ten years ago, that wasn’t so common.”

Larsson has reportedly posted videos lifting a water bottle cap with a forklift, maneuvering icy mountain roads in reverse, and driving everything from bulldozers to snowplows.

“I want to show the world that a girl can do the same thing as guys can,” she said. “I feel like that is kind of my purpose.”

Like in any industry, truck drivers have a large community on social media. Drivers like Adryana Oltean and Alex Nino are bringing in thousands for posts on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Larsson spends about 20 hours a week recording, editing and posting a vlog. She told reporters that her channel takes up half of her workweek, and she’s requested one day off a week to work on content.

“I really want to get done with this big project that I’m working on,” she said of her mentorship plans. “I really hope … it won’t be too late for me to start a family and become a mom. That is what stresses me out the most.”

Story courtesy of Business Insider.