Texas Man’s Invention Keeps Truck Drivers Cool on the Road

A Texas inventor has come up with an innovative new way to help maximize truckers’ comfort while on the job — a cooling seat cover specifically crafted for truck drivers. With its unique design that regulates temperature and provides superior breathability, this revolutionary invention promises incredible relief after hours of sitting in a cab on a hot day without taking away from driver safety or performance.

“I wanted to create a convenient way to keep a truck driver cool when traveling in warm weather,” said the inventor, from Little Elm, Texas, “so I invented the FRESH AIR SEAT. My design would help to avoid embarrassing sweat stains, wrinkled clothing, and chafing in the summer.”

This improved seat covering allows drivers to ride in comfort by offering ventilation and a soothing cooling action which helps keeps the driver cool and comfortable while on the road. The design also helps to prevent the driver from sweating in an overly warm seat. The invention is not only effective but also easy to apply and use.

The original design was submitted to the Dallas sales office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.


Source: InventHelp