Thankful senior citizen hands out cards to show truckers appreciation

One senior citizen is showing her appreciation for truck drivers by hand-delivering hundreds of personalized thank-you cards.

Beverly Perrin noticed the essential work truck drivers have been putting in despite the challenges of COVID-19 this past year and wanted to do her part in showing gratitude.

“If it wasn’t for the truckers, our shelves would be empty in the stores,” Perrin said.

Perrin and her husband, Dick, began delivering cards last April to a truck-stop near their Chatham home in Ontario. They gave out approximately 75 to 100 personalized thank-you cards every three to four weeks, which has amounted to 1,000 cards to date.

“When I first started doing it, they just kind of looked at me like, ‘Really?’” Perrin told CBC news. “One trucker asked me, ‘How much do I pay you?’ [I told him] it’s just from me to you, as a senior—that we so appreciate you trucking all of our goods.”

Perrin’s cards all contain the same note: “Thank you so much for bringing supplies to our stores. Even though it is sometimes under harsh circumstances. Take care. Stay safe. God’s blessing on you always. Love Beverly Perrin, a very grateful senior.”

“My husband and I do service for other people,” she told CBC. “I get more out of it than they get from me.”