The Best Little Joys of the Road According to Our Community of Drivers

We recently asked our Facebook community what little things bring them joy when they’re on the road, and the responses we got were too good not to share. These are the things that make us proud to be a part of this rapidly growing industry, because sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Some things, we found, are universally loved, like when kids pump their arm to hear the air horn, hearing the voice of a loved one on the phone, or something good coming through the rig’s speakers.

We had so many incredible responses, it wasn’t easy to narrow them down; however, here are just a few of our favorites.

“Kids pumping their arms. A good Ma and Pa dinner. A wide-open parking lot at 11pm when you have 5 minutes left on your clock. A nice clean shower with consistent hot water. Coming home from weeks on the road to my 6-year-old screaming “Dads home!!!” and running to hug me.” – Nate L.

“Three things.
1) the smell in the air just before sunrise.
2) the smell in the air just after sunset.
3) little kids who give me the arm pump to honk my horn.” – Thomas G.

“When you’re stuck in traffic on an interstate and the old couple sitting in the car next to you are holding hands.” – Jim T.

“Definitely the arm pump from anyone young or older. Makes me smile every time. Good water pressure and clean showers, talking to loved ones.” – David N.

“Random conversations with total strangers, people who go out their way to help you when your [sic] in a jam or broke down etc.
Or backing into tight spots and drivers come out to help guide you!
Nice helpful shippers and receivers especially in a place you’ve never been before.
Taking time to stop at places and enjoy scenery even if just for a few minutes like Eagle Nest Creek in Texas if you blink you miss it but I’ve stopped a few times for a 30 just cause it looks so amazing!” – William R.

“Back roads going to Nogales, and taking my break somewhere so dark I can see the stars in the night sky. Clean rest areas that have pretty flowers and landscaping. Seeing people smile.” – Chastity P.

“Dog’s sticking their head out the window knowing the owner is probably cold or hot but wants the dog happy.” – LD S.

“When i take out my meal out of the freezer to put in my lunchbox cooker and my granddaughter draws hearts on the cover with her name..” Joseph D.

“Seeing people singing loudly in their car. (I do it too!)” – Linda B.

“Cool air, a clear sky, good music and a smooth road…….” – TC S.

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