Third-generation trucker is stunned to win $2 million scratchers jackpot

A third-generation truck driver hit a massive jackpot on a Tennessee Lottery scratchers ticket on Sunday.

Long haul truck driver David Partain, 30, won a $2 million prize on while playing the Mega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks game, according to a news release from the Tennessee Lottery.

According to the release, Partain was in the lot of the Eagle Travel Center in Soddy Daisy.

The winning ticket was one in a string of wins Partain had on the game — after he won $25 on the game earlier, he used that $25 for another ticket, winning a free ticket.

The free ticket turned out to be the $2 million winner.

Partain said he called his wife to tell her the good news. “I called her and said, ‘I hit it.’ She thought I’d wrecked the truck,” he said.

Partain says that he plans to pay off his truck loan, buy a house for his wife, and a car for his 16 year old daughter.

Partain is a third-generation truck driver.