This truck driver is also an Instagram influencer

Trucking isn’t always pretty, but Shelby of Happiness by the Mile has made it her mission to showcase the glamourous and positive lifestyle she’s created as a female trucker.

As an internet ‘influencer,’ Shelby’s main platforms are her blog and YouTube channel: where she shares her authentic experiences out on the road as well as tips and tricks for professional truck drivers.

According to her blog “The sole purpose of this site is to provide a place where rookie, and veteran truckers alike, can find information, help, and inspiration.” Donning the name “Happiness by the Mile” was fitting, as Shelby’s content is a tribute to a career that brings her true joy. It didn’t take long to realize this gal was the real deal. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Flordia State University, she dropped everything, while pursuing her masters, and ran off to trucking school.

“I don’t think anyone ever saw it coming,” she wrote on her blog. “It was always a dream of mine to drive a big truck. Something about those lights and the shine of chrome really captured my attention as a little girl.  I always thought it would be beyond cool to say I could drive one of those big beastly looking machines.”

As a professional, full-time OTR FedEx driver, Shelby has curated an impressive online following in the past three years. Her YouTube channel has 200K followers who tune in to see her journey.  

One of Shelby’s most recent videos, which has over 600K views, shows her trucking past sliding vehicles and brutal winds in a Colorado blizzard.