Tips to try to preserve your fuel

Fuel costs are still on the rise and while little can be done to help with the actual prices there are some tips and tricks that might help while driving. Here are some ways Trucking Info has shared that can help you use the gas in your tank more efficiently.

– Watch your speed: After 60 mph, fuel economy is reduced when one is driving on the road. “A truck traveling 65 mph will experience a fuel efficiency increase of about 27% compared to a truck traveling at 75 mph.”

– Drive at a constant speed: Many know this rule of thumb but increasing and decreasing your speed repeatedly creates inefficiency.

– Avoid harsh breaking: Every time you hit the brake pedal you are losing energy. So, if you are maintaining a good speed, then there will be no need to hit the brake so often.

– Check tire inflation pressure: Underinflated tires result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased tire wear.

– Check condition of aerodynamic devices: Double and triple check!

– Minimize shifting: If you are not operating with an automated transmission, make sure to minimize the number of shifts you make. More shifts mean more times that the RPMs increase, burning fuel faster. Click here for the full list!