Toddler trucker? UPS drivers gift two-year-old fan with mini delivery truck

It’s always fun to see little ones give us the “blow your horn!” gesture on the road but toddler Marco Elizondo takes his fandom to the next level.

According to Marco’s mom, Clarissa Alcazar, the youngster starts his daily routine by waving to UPS drivers as they go by his Chula Vista, Calif., home. The drivers in brown noticed and gave Marco his own mini-UPS delivery truck in early March! The gift came from local UPS worker Mike Thornberry and his automotive team who assembled the truck for Marco.

Thornberry, a 24-year UPS employee, said the team enjoyed surprising Marco with the customized truck, similar to a Little Tykes brand ride-on toy. “Anytime we do something like that for a child it kind of warms your heart,” Thornberry said. His team gave Marco’s truck a special “serial number” of 5218, Marco’s birthdate.