Top 10 Truck Stops in the U.S.

Ever find yourself wondering where to stop and refuel on your next road trip? Or maybe looking for a reliable place with good amenities or services? Look no further – we have the ultimate list of the top 10 best truck stops in America. From scenic landscapes, delectable food options, top-notch facilities, and local attractions nearby, these spots are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of drivers, so get ready to hit the highway and see only the best this country has to offer.

1. Iowa 80 – Walcott, IA

Iowa 80, renowned as the world’s largest truck stop, has been offering road respite for truckers since 1964. Its 900 tractor-trailer spaces and 250 car spots are just one of its many features that this unique locale offers weary travelers. What makes this place truly special? With over 8 restaurants, private showers, movie theatre and more – you’ll have everything you need for well-deserved rest and relaxation.  There’s even an onsite pet wash if your four-legged friends need freshening up too! One visit to Iowa 80 will show why it’s considered paradise for any longtime traveler or cross country driver out there.

2. Kenly 95 Petro – Kenly, NC

If you’re on the east coast and traveling by truck, Kenly 95 is now THE spot to stop! After expanding in 2016, this vibrant truck stop has become the largest of its kind across America. Since purchasing Kenly, the Iowa 80 Group gave it a massive makeover, adding 23,000 square feet onto their retail space – which includes an array of amenities like a ‘truckomat’, service center, dinner den, and more luxuries usually hard to find while out on road trips. But what really takes your breath away is surely Super Truck Showroom where not just trucks will be displayed but custom-made gear for all kinds of travelers as well.

3. Flynn’s Truck Plaza – Shrewsbury, MA

There’s a lot going on at Flynn’s Truck Plaza: from 24/7 fuel, to repair and tire service – not to mention the delicious restaurants. And with parking for 300 trucks and trailers you can make sure your trip is as smooth as possible! But that’s not all – Jerry Seinfeld even dropped by in his hit show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The excitement doesn’t stop there though; now available is Transflo Scanning which lets truckers scan their documentation so they’ll have access to valuable data insight into automating business processes across any journey!

4. Busy Bee Travel Center – Live Oak, FL

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to fuel up, check out Busy Bee! Not only is this location open 24/7 and lined with private bathrooms as luxurious as a 5-star hotel suite – they also carry all kinds of delicious treats. From honey and homemade fudge to beef jerky and bulk fuel options; it’s no wonder that truckers make frequent stops here between road trips. Bonus points: there are even CAT scales so you can weigh your vehicle before setting off again.

5. Big Horn Travel Center – Fort Worth, TX

Big Horn Travel Center is a place not to be missed when visiting Fort Worth. If you’re looking for the ultimate truck stop experience, then this spot has something special in store. It’s renowned as one of the cleanest and most welcoming rest stops around – no matter how long your journey may be, it provides plenty of comfort along the way. You can grab some grub from their range of tasty restaurant choices, or even explore its wildlife exhibit. You can also take advantage of their air or water pumps free of charge. And that’s just scratching surface – there’ll always be more surprises waiting inside Big Horn’s whopping 9,000 square foot space.

6. Keystone Restaurant & Truck Stop – Loretto, PA

If you’re traveling along Route 22, be sure stop in at  Keystone in Pennsylvania, a cozy stop with a wealth of amenities from hearty homestyle cooking at their restaurant to fully-stocked convenience store and deli that’ll get you stocked up with all your travel needs. The stop features ample parking for large vehicles and dedicated places for you to freshen up with a shower or handle necessary paperwork.

7. Jubitz Travel Center – Portland, OR

Whether you’re looking to fuel your truck or fill up on some homestyle cooking, Jubitz has it all and more. Located near Portland International Airport, this popular travel center offers an impressive selection of services across its 27 acres including 24-hour convenience stores and delis for when those late-night cravings kick in. You can also catch a movie at the cinema featuring recently released titles if time permits. As well as fueling options there are medical clinics and chiropractor options too – making Jubitz essentially a one stop shop for travelers everywhere. With live music over weekends plus 100 room hotel facilities featuring cozy suites, this is more than your average pit stop.

8. I-40 Travel Center: Workman’s Travel Center (Hillbilly Hideout) – Ozark, AR

Workman’s Travel Center has everything you need for a successful journey. The stop features a variety of fuel options including E-84, diesel, and DEF. If your stomach is telling you it’s time to eat, you’ll find no shortage of delicious comfort food at the location.

9. South of The Border – Hamer, SC

South of the Border is noted as America’s favorite highway oasis. The stops mission is to create an atmosphere to helps guests “take it easy on the road of life.” On site, you’ll find not only clean facilities, but also an amusement park, a full arcade, the largest indoor reptile display in the country, and an assortment of other activities to enjoy as you unwind from a long day of travel.

10. Dysart’s Truck Stop – Hermon, ME

The truckers lounge and free Wi-Fi at Dysart’s await any weary traveler. Need to freshen up? Private showers will have you feeling renewed in no time. As if that wasn’t enough, their award-winning restaurant has all your Maine favorites along with freshly baked goods – this isn’t just a run of the mill truck stop experience. Plus, they’ve added an automated truck/camper wash as part of their facility center – unique amenities like these make it worth stopping the next time you’re in the area.