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Truck driver and Highway Angel saves abandoned puppy

Even while transporting goods across our country and supporting our economy, truck drivers still find the time to be selfless and make the world a better place. Rich DiFronzo, a Pennsylvania truck driver, was recently recognized as a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), as reported by Truckers News.

DiFronzo was stopped at a New Jersey truck stop when he noticed a female puppy tied to a tree. DiFronzo realized that the puppy had been abandoned and was malnourished.

The TCA released a statement on DiFronzo finding the puppy and nursing her back to health.

“I fed her cheeseburgers because I asked everybody around whose dog it was and no one said anything,” DiFronzo told TCA. “They said a guy was trying to sell the dog over the weekend, and I got there on Thursday – so to me, that’s six days that the dog has been there, tied to the tree.”

When he first approached her, she was obviously scared and unsure of whether to trust DiFronzo or not. He untied the puppy from the tree, earning a bit of her trust, and took her in as his own.

“She stayed with me the whole week in the truck,” DiFronzo said.” She couldn’t get enough cheeseburgers – she was starving.”

Once DiFronzo got back to his home state of Pennsylvania, he took the puppy to a veterinarian. It was confirmed that the puppy was malnourished and was also in need of antibiotics.

DiFronzo got Roxy Lynn, the puppy’s new name, the care she needed and then found her forever home with one of his friends.

“I’d do it again tomorrow,” DiFronzo said. “I love animals and you just don’t do that to animals.”