Truck driver reviews top factor in choosing a new job

What would you say is the biggest driving factor when it comes to attaining a trucking job? As presented in TruckingInfo through a recent survey conducted by Conversion Interactive Agency, the biggest indicator for employee retention for drivers, is online reviews.

The survey reported about “72% of drivers said the most influential factor when choosing a carrier to drive for is online reviews from other drivers, followed by job descriptions (71%) and online articles or blogs about the carrier and/or the driving job (nearly 31%). In the job description, most drivers are looking for pay and home time information.

Aside from this research, we still want to know what else you think is important. Many of us know home time, pay, and long hours are factors that are important to whether you want to driver for a carrier or not, and it isn’t easy. But do you think there are other factors that might not be as major but have just as much of an impact? When deciding who to drive for do you care about the specific potential routes, training opportunities, room for growth, dispatch efficiency? What are some of the things you consider? Let us know on Facebook