Truck hauling luxury vehicles crashes in North Carolina

Four Oaks, NC – We know that semis transport a variety of freight, including luxury cars. Recently on a highway in North Carolina several luxury cars were destroyed in an accident. A Porsche, Ferrari, BMW M8, Lincoln Navigator, Audi S4, and Jeep Rubicon were all apart of the incident. The cause of the accident was a blown tire. Fox News reported that “the highway was closed between Four Oaks and Benson Sunday night after the crash.”

According to WRAL, the driver was transporting privately owned, expensive automobiles from New York City to Miami. The truck’s owner operator said he had just checked all his tires at a gas station in southern Virginia when he heard what sounded like an explosion behind him before the fire broke out. He claimed he attempted to extinguish the flames but was forced to flee when the fire became too large.

All of the luxury vehicles were destroyed by the fire. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found tires and batteries exploding like fireworks. The driver was the sole owner of the trucking company. While he was shocked, he was not injured.

Here are some quick driving safety tips for you!

  • Check the weather to see if you need any special gear, chains or equipment
  • Stay alert – be aware of your surroundings
  • Try to avoid traffic/rush hour
  • Leave even more following room in front of your rig
  • Don’t switch lanes too many times
  • Use a trucker-friendly GPS that will notify you of traffic alerts that might be different than those for a regular driver

It is important to make sure you are taking all the steps to ensure that your vehicle is ready and in the safest condition before taking off for your haul. Most hauls are hours, days, sometimes even longer, so ensuring safety should be your first priority as a professional truck driver.