Truck Vs. Train: A Hard Luck Story

Truck Vs. Train: A Hard Luck Story

Truck parked on tracks gets struck.

Tuesday afternoon, October 16. in Brownsburg Ind. – A driver pulled his truck across a set of train tracks. He was haulin’ a flatbed of pallets containing what appear to be cement blocks.

According to officials the driver stopped momentarily to ask for directions. Apparently being unaware (or unconcerned) that the flatbed was still on the tracks.

Within the brief amount of time the truck was stopped, a train suddenly appeared out of nowhere, as trains do – and sideswiped the hell out of the rear end of the trailer.

The driver only suffered a minor injury to his wrist – but more than likely the unnamed driver experienced a serious injury to his ego.

The accident forced the closure of several railroad crossings and motorists were asked to use alternate routes, but the area has since been cleared and the roadways, reopened.