Trucker Cat Reunited with Driver After Over a Month

Tim Allen, a Kentucky based trucker and U.S. military veteran, often hits the road with his beloved cat, Loki, an orange tabby, riding shotgun in a cab that has been customized for the cat’s comfort. The pair generally travels thousands of miles per month. During an October 28th delivery to a Walmart in Cumberland County, North Carolina; however, Loki leaped from the cab and out of Allen’s sight.

Allen searched the area for days, but ultimately came up empty-handed. Eventually, he had to get back on the road, meaning he had to leave without Loki.

The cat was on his own for more than month, when a good Samaritan brought the tabby to Cumberland County Animal Services, thinking it might be Allen’s cat.

Animal services was able to get in touch with a grateful Allen who confirmed it was his Loki and on Monday; Allen’s sister retrieved Loki from the shelter to be reunited with Allen.