Trucker couple embraces healthy living on the road

It’s common for couples, families, and friends to drive across the country together. This couple, he is a chef and she is certified to perform marriages, love the freedom of the highways! Marylynn Downham and Brian Keyes have been working in the industry since 2016. They initially started as team drivers but now drive separate big rigs. Although they loved being on the road, their health took a downturn. The nature of the job didn’t allow much time or space to live healthy lifestyles. Proper sleep, food, and exercise are all potential problems truckers like these often run into.

When Keyes put on 50 pounds and his wife 25, they made the decision to better serve their health. They have since started driving separately and have begun to take their diet seriously by buying a fridge and meal prepping in their respective rigs. They both have created different routines to help them adapt to the lifestyle they are living instead of using it as an excuse. Click here to learn how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.