Trucker Pet Spotlight: Meet Hanna the trucking dog

There’s no question this trucker pup has the best seat in the house! Hanna is a 4-month-old English Springer Spaniel belonging to professional driver and Truck Drivers U.S.A. community member, Mirja N.

Hanna has adapted well to life on the road, which should come as no surprise given that she’s spent half her young life in the truck. “She took quickly to the trucking life,” Mirja recounted. “She has been with me for eight weeks now, from the day she was eight weeks old and came to us.”

Hanna spends five days a week on the road, enjoying weekends at home as dictated by Mirja’s schedule. “She goes everywhere with me,” she beamed.

And although it makes for a cute photo op, Hanna only sits on the dash while the truck is parked for safety purposes.

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