Truckers Final Mile Brings Trucker Home

Sadly many truckers lose their lives far away from home, leaving their families to pay to transport them home on top of already expensive funeral expenses. Many trucking companies do not assist in this expense even though trucking is such a dangerous job.  


Truckers Final Mile is an organization whose main goal is to reunite truckers and their families in times of crisis.  Robert Palm, Founder of stated, “In the trucking industry there’s, unless contractually obligated, there’s no mandate, law, statute, regulation or anything compelling any company to bring any driver home for any reason. Now there’s many, many companies that do take care of their own, but there’s a growing number that do not.”


Dorie Moynihan, a truck driver from Missouri, met and befriended fellow driver Daryn Wagler of Ainsworth more than a decade ago. She spoke with his mother after Daryn passed away from an accident on Christmas Day while traveling through New Mexico. His mother asked her how does he come home.  Moynihan contacted Truckers Final Mile, who helped with the cost to bring Daryn home to his family and final resting place.

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