Truckers share industry concerns at Trucker Jamboree

Did you make it to the Jamboree this year? No worries, we’ll give you the rundown on some of the important issues discussed. The annual Jamboree came at an amazing time for a much-needed break during this inflation period. Truckers began to share their concerns on and off the road. WQAD shared the experiences of driver Knelson and how she thinks “it’s never been this bad.” She expresses her concerns on how most don’t understand what exactly it takes to get freight where it needs to be. “To haul a load, say, from California back to Toronto, Ontario, we’re only seeing prices like $6,000 to $7,000, but with the price of fuel nowadays, it should be more like $10,000 to $12,000.”

Truckers are expected to produce and work at the same rate they have been even though it’s getting harder and harder due to inflation, the driver turnover rate, and more. Click here to hear more about what truckers are concerned about.