Truckers Unite: Help End Human Trafficking with This App

Human trafficking is a tragedy that no person should ever have to endure. The Department of Homeland Security has reported cases in which traffickers will resort to using violence and deceptive tactics such as false promises, romantic relationships, and jobs with high wages in order to trap victims into this horrific situation. Anyone can be at risk of this cruel form of exploitation, so it’s important we stay aware as well as vigilant against its perpetrators.

Semi-truck drivers are taking action against human trafficking with the help of Truckers Against Trafficking. The organization educates these essential workers on how to identify signs of exploitation and report them, giving victims a powerful ally in their fight for freedom.

The organization has developed an app for phones and tablets that provides users with a variety of resources to help them identify potential threats and report suspicious activity anonymously.


Once people are aware of the signs, they’re actually pretty hard to miss, according to Jill Snyder, an advocate for victims of trafficking.

“These are people that are being forced, coerced, beaten, drugged. These traffickers they have no heart. There is no limit to what they’ll do to get these people to do what they want,” she said.

To help put an end to human trafficking, Snyder suggested that everyone educate their family and friends on the issue. She believes this is one of the most powerful ways to support those affected by such a devastating crime.


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