Trucking boss goes viral for witty comeback to Facebook user who complained about driver

The owner of a trucking company in England fired back at a disgruntled citizen who complained about one of his drivers’ in a hilarious Facebook post that has now gone viral. 

Peter White of Whites Transport Services Ltd in Coventry, England received an angry message on Facebook from a man named Chris who said one of his drivers took up too many spaces in a grocery store parking lot. Chris attached a photo of the truck parked at the edge of a large, nearly empty parking lot. 

The truck driver was parked there for 15 minutes and came back with a cart full of groceries, Chris said. 

“Is it really appropriate for your driver to be taking up so many spaces with his truck,” Chris said in the message. “Surely these things should be done in a car on the driver’s own time. I hope you will deal with this swiftly and avoid it happening again.”

White took to Facebook to defend his driver.

“Please accept my apologies. I have just terminated the driver’s contract of employment with immediate effect. How dare he want to eat,” he said sarcastically in part of his response to Chris. “He has only spent the last 18 months classed an essential worker, working very hard during a pandemic to make sure your fridge is full.”

White shared their correspondence in a Facebook post that has since been shared over 17,000 times and has almost 10,000 comments. The driver was starting his two-week OTR route and White said he was stocking up. 

“I will back my driver 100% when they have done nothing wrong,” White said in another message to Chris. “We carry fresh food for the food chain. Some of it was probably in your shopping bags. Tell Karen I said hi. Have a wonderful evening.”