Volvo plans to make its own batteries in electric truck shift

Checking on Truck Battery. Trucking Concept Photo. Caucasian Truck Driver Opening Vehicle Battery Compartment.

Volvo AB is expanding its electric truck efforts in Sweden. They plan on building a “large-scale” battery plant to help expand the demand. Transport Topics reported that “The world’s second-biggest truck maker plans to gradually increase capacity and reach large-scale series production by 2030. Volvo reiterated its target that at least 35% of its products should be electric by the same year.”

The market for heavy-duty battery rigs is still at its baby stages so Volvo is wanting to establish its place to be a leading part in this. They also reported that “Volvo, Traton SE, and Daimler Truck Holding AG are planning to spend 500 million euros ($509 million) to install at least 1,700 charging points in Europe for heavy-duty rigs and buses. Volvo revealed that their batteries would be specially made for the application of commercial vehicles. This plant will create jobs due to the high requirements.