Walmart deploys 60-ft. multi-temp trailer in Ontario 

Walmart has designed a new multi-temperature trailer that is 60-feet long. In 2012, the company launched a pilot program with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, paving the way for the use of longer trailers across the province. It allows the fleet to haul four more pallets than a traditional 53-foot trailer and is currently hauling perishable goods that require different temperatures. 

Senior VP for Walmart’s supply chain said, “When Walmart makes a change, it has a ripple effect. In this case, we’re introducing a new custom solution to the Canadian market that helps to reduce our total number of trips and emissions. We’re incredibly proud of this milestone.” The trailer makes a stop in Woodstock, Ont., and Walmart says that because of the increased capacity, certain stops that could not previously be paired together can now be. The goal is to make fewer trips while reducing the number of trucks needed