What it takes to make a trucker happy?

We know that compensation is an important part of ensuring a trucker is happy with their job, but according to FleetOwner, there are a few other things that we can control to make sure our truckers are satisfied. Having adequate equipment is one way to help a trucker feel more comfortable on the road. The latest equipment isn’t necessary but consistent maintenance goes a long way to reducing frustration for drivers. They already encounter countless obstacles while just doing their jobs daily, so any chance to eliminate stress is an improvement.

It’s no secret that truck drivers can be on the road for long periods of time, so creating a positive environment will help them maintain a better attitude while on the road. Upgrading radios and seats can let them know that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. FleetOwner reports “in survey after survey, drivers indicated that time at home is something they value.” So, if there are opportunities available for truckers to go home even one more time than expected, that is something they would greatly appreciate.

What makes you the happiest on the road?