What trucking business leaders should know

BuildingIndiana recently did some research and reached out to experts to find out what leaders need to know right now. As reported in their article, President of Perfect Transportation, LLC and First Vice Chair to the Indiana Motor Truck Association gives his insights on the expectations of the state of trucking in Indiana in 2022. He lets us know that, “motor carriers across Indiana have been impacted just as hard as any other business across the state when it comes to the pandemic and post-pandemic economy. In the past, it may have been easy to take motor carriers and trucking in general for granted. But now more than ever, people realize the key role that trucking plays in keeping communities supplied and stocked with critical goods.” He also shares that since the national shutdown in March 2020, the pandemic has made an impact on the industry. People who were hauling things like toilet paper, groceries, PPE and other essentials were doing well.

Aside from the pandemic, the industry is in need of drivers. The efficiency of the industry has declined and it’s necessary to rethink and reset to become more creative in seeking solutions. Continuing to invest in innovation and trucking technology is where leaders should focus their energy.