4 ways to control truck fleet maintenance budgets

Costs across the board are increasing with inflation at an all-time high and operations difficulties in the trucking industry. Truck News has given its take on a few ways that can help you budget when planning to maintain your truck fleet. They spoke to Lloyd De Merchant, director of fleet maintenance with Moncton-based Keltic Transportation. Here are four pointers to keep in mind!

  • Spec’ing has never been more important: He has tested different items to ensure the slashing of idling costs, especially long term. He reverted back to drums after using discs for maintaining brakes.
  • Reduce roadside service calls: This is a quick way to kill your maintenance budget. Preventive maintenance is key in this situation. Replacing parts before roadside failure occurs is the best way to ensure fewer roadside calls.
  • Recap: It is okay to use remanufactured components to stay on budget. “There are recaps out there that will outrun virgin tires and the costs is almost half.”
  • Reman: As a fan of remanufactured parts. He has been able to rebuild older trailers and even sell trailers up to 11 years old. He sold some for $35,000 most recently.

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