Will autonomous trucks create a boom in trucking jobs?

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Most assume since these trucks don’t need drivers, that the jobs will also decrease. Many have the fear that once autonomous trucking expands, thousands of truck drivers are going to be jobless. Trucking Info recently wrote how they believe that it could be possible that “autonomous trucking technology might create something like 15-20 new human jobs for every truck driver that it displaces from a career behind the steering wheel.”

With autonomous trucking, there is a “mission control” center of sorts where a group of individuals monitors autonomous trucks that are on the road to assist them as problems arise. “A shift of logistic experts would come in both day and night to ride herd over a gaggle of autonomous trucks, helping out with deliveries, finding new shipments and negotiating rates” and more. Experts also believe that experienced truck drivers would be the prime choice for these jobs at the control centers. So the hope is that the same drivers that are no longer behind the wheel, are now behind a screen working to address logistical issues from afar. Click here for the full story.