6 benefits of being a long haul driver

Despite the truck driver shortage, we think it is important to address the different advantages of this career choice. According to The Trucker’s Network there 6 advantages to not only being a truck driver, but a long haul truck driver. Most people can’t handle long hauls, but the benefits of it are endless and very specific to those who are on the road for hours at a time. Here are the 6 advantages stated:

  1. Job security – There will always be a demand for the trucking industry, especially at a time where hauls are being delayed due to different international situations, pandemic mandates and restrictions, higher costs of fuel and inflation.
  2. Stable income – As long as there is freight to haul, there will always be opportunities to work and get paid. Trucking provides a consistent paycheck because of the nature and demand of the industry.
  3. Community – Truckers go through very specific things that only they understand, creating a specific bond between truckers. Truckers all over understand what it feels like to go through many obstacles, so are in turn mostly willing to help.
  4. Independence – With this job there can be days at a time where you may not even talk to your dispatcher because you’re driving miles and miles at a time. Unless you are driving with a partner, you’ll have a lot of alone time.
  5. Travel with a friend or family – Some drivers have partners allowing them to rest while the other drives, and switch throughout long drives. Some even bring their furry friends as well! Some might be surprised, but most people also bring some family members as well.
  6. It’s open to everyone – You do not need a college degree to be a truck driver. It is accessible and with the right training, anyone can be a truck driver!