New York suspends gas tax for 6 months

Gas prices will be a part of our conversation for a while and new pieces of information keep being released. New York is temporarily lifting their $0.16 per-gallon fuel tax for 6 months. Gas and diesel are up to record prices and likely will continue to increase, and New York is preparing for that. This isn’t going to help with everything but it will create some savings for all drivers. As reported by Transport Topics, the average cost of a gallon has increased to an average of $5.035 per gallon. As the supply and demand across the country continues to grow, so will processes at the fuel pump. Even though prices are going up, people will still be driving, so every effort to offer relief at the pump is crucial.

As stated by Transport Topics, “Tax relief may not immediately translate to savings at the pump, according to Jeff Lenard, vice president of the National Association of Convenience Stores”.