5 questions fleets should ask to reinforce safe driving

Crashes have been increasing since the start of the pandemic and any efforts that can be made for safety on the roads can only help. According to FleetOwner there are a few questions to reinforce safe driving among truck drivers, 5 to be exact. The Biden administration is allotting $5 billion in federal aid to improve road safety. There has been a “10.5% spike in traffic deaths in 2021 compared to 2020”. Although there weren’t as many trucks on the road during the pandemic we’ve seen various reasons as to why crashes have increased.

It is a hard time for drivers in the trucking industry and if you ask yourself these 5 questions, drivers will see your level of commitment to road safety. Here are the five questions FLeetOwner says are important to ask:

1. Are you continuously reminding drivers about safe driving policies?

2. Do you address issues such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, substance abuse and more?

3. Are you reminding drivers about the importance of defensive driving?

4. Are you investing in some of the latest technologies – lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation – that are designed to assist drivers in driving safely?

5. Do you provide a program lauding safe drivers reaching milestones, including at public driver meetings or in company communications.

Let us know what other questions you’d like to know the answers to!