6 practices to recruit younger truck drivers

The driver shortage is still a crisis and industry operators are recognizing that the younger driver demographic is an “untapped source.” The American Transportation Research Institute had 100 carriers give their recommendations on how to retain drivers between the ages of 18 to 25.

  1. Depict trucking as an accessible trade: Most young drivers expressed concerns about being able to obtain critical skills to be a safe and successful drivers.
  2. Emphasis on technology utilization: Make their job easier through technology optimization.
  3. Promote trucking as a career, not a job: The turnover rate is something that is a concern, but Millennials and Gen Z job seekers want to know that their career is secure.
  4. Offer fair starting pay: Young drivers want to feel well compensated and not just that they are being recruited because they are part of a good market.
  5. Recruit via social media & encourage direct referrals: Most of the generation in this demographic is on social media and research shows that 73% were introduced to trucking by an adult relative in their parents’ generation. So, it’s important to expand online.
  6. Update promotional materials: Stay with the trends and update your materials accordingly.