Details of final fair testing rule still to come

Six years ago, Congress mandated a regulatory process for drug testing drivers using hair. Transport Topics reported that drug testing advisory board members discussed the draft of a possible superseding rule at a recent closed meeting and have remained ambiguous on when we might get the stamp of approval from the White House. The usage of hair samples as an option for drug testing was mandated by the FAST Act, which was signed in December 2015.

“The detection window for hair testing is significantly larger than the detection windows for alternative testing methods” allowing carriers to detect it for a longer period of time. J.B. Hunt has been hair testing drivers and prospective drivers since 2006. Many believe that hair drug testing is more reliable and more accurate when wanting to identify regular drug use over using urine. “The drug testing advisory board has publicly said that some of the delay has been due to concerns about external contamination of hair samples and potential racial bias.” Click here for the full story.