6 Tips for Finding Truck Parking

Finding safe and legal places to park is a common challenge faced by truckers. With an understanding of the rules, regulations, and resources available, finding a place to safely park your truck can be made much easier. Here are 6 tips for truckers on how they can find parking more easily.

  1. Research state laws – Become familiar with state laws regarding rest stops and overnight parking; these laws may vary depending on the location, so it is essential that truckers do their research beforehand.
  2. Phone Apps – Download apps such as Allstays and Park My Truck which provide up-to-date information on available rest areas, truck stops and other places that welcome trucks; these apps also allow users to filter and search for specific types of locations based on their preferences.
  3. Truck stop directories – Utilize online tools such as Diesel Boss’s Truckers Directory which provide detailed listings of various roadside stops for fueling up, taking a break, or even overnighting if needed; these directories also offer reviews from other drivers so it’s easy to find the best spots in advance!
  4. Ask other truckers – Talk to other truckers or contact organizations like the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) who can provide helpful recommendations when it comes to finding parking spots; this is especially useful when traveling through unfamiliar areas.
  5. Ask locals – Don’t be afraid to ask local business owners if they have space available for you to park your rig. This is often a great way to get access to places you wouldn’t otherwise know about while also building relationships with people in the community. You can also just ask around when in an area if anyone knows about places with available truck parking, chances are, the locals know the lay of the land and can point you towards some parking.
  6. Be prepared & be courteous – Make sure you always arrive early and come prepared with maps or directions if necessary. Also, be respectful of any restrictions in place at different locations and be sure to clean up after yourself before leaving.