A Day of Action to Address Sexual Violence in Trucking

As part of the Biden Administration’s over-arching initiative to expand jobs within the trucking industry, the Department of Labor hosted a “Day of Action” April 28 to raise awareness and advocate for the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment in trucking. As part of the Day of Action, the Labor Department asked motor carriers, driver training schools and other industry stakeholders to commit to actions that promote safe training and work environments. REAL women in trucking, an advocacy group formed to empower women in trucking, aims to eliminate sexual violence in the trucking industry through training and awareness.

In 2019, REAL Women in Trucking presented a petition signed by several thousands of people to the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX. They delivered it when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was listening to the demands of immediate action on sexual misconduct, specifically in truck driver training. This created many opportunities for the organization to meet with government agencies. The organization has given specific actions to the current administration to help truck driver training for all drivers but specifically for women.

The federal government is also forming a Women of Trucking Advisory Board that will review and report on challenges facing woman drivers and those interested in joining the profession, such as on-the-job safety risks, mentorship, quality training, and opportunities for advancement. The Department of Transportation is expected to select Advisory Board members within the next few months.