What are your biggest pet peeves?

We asked our community of truckers what their biggest pet peeves are when they are on the road. Many of you expressed the lack of awareness non-truck drivers and small-vehicle drivers have when driving near 18-wheelers. Here are a few of the top comments:

  • “People [will be] looking at their phones while at a red light. Light turns green and you’re still sitting there.”
  • “When the person in the left turn lane stops way past the white line at the light, while you’re trying to make a right.”
  • “People not using their blinker until that last second when you’re looking for a break to pull out on the road.”

Many drivers aren’t aware of the lengths truck drivers must go just to get from one point to another. Awareness of your surroundings and attentiveness can go a long way in creating safe roads for all drivers.

Many also expressed their frustrations with drivers and truck drivers alike not following the speed limit listed.

  • “Drivers going 63 MPH in a 70 MOH. And when I get over to pass them and suddenly they are able to go 72 MPH.”
  • “Cars passing to just hit the exit. Just infuriates me.”

Finally, a lot of drivers expressed their concerns about companies only looking to increase production and forget the fact that humans are the ones driving the trucks.

If you can help improve any of these concerns, we encourage you to do so. Creating a great environment for all within the trucking industry starts with all of us!

Written by TDUSA