Are you a true old-school outlaw trucker?

Would you consider yourself a “true old-school outlaw trucker?”In a video that has been viewed over 64,000 times, TikTok user @thetonyjustice asked his audience to prove their status as true old-school drivers.

“Tell me you’re a true old-school outlaw trucker without telling me you’re a true old-school outlaw trucker,” he said while in the cab of his truck.

The TikTok received over 100 video responses from drivers showing off exactly why they think they qualify. Dozens of “old-school outlaws” displayed their retro logbooks and paper road maps on TikTok. One driver posted a video of his 1990 Peterbilt 379. Others showed off CB radios that were over 20-years-old.

Check out the original video here.