COVID-related emergency hours of service waiver extended, again

The international supply chain and many different areas of the trucking industry have been given grace periods with the various regulations normally in place. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made numerous exceptions with the reporting of hours of service from drivers and has once again extended the national emergency declaration. As revealed by TruckerNews, the extension that would have already expired has been extended to the end of August. Also reported by TruckerNews, truckers with these products can take part of this relief:

  • Livestock and livestock feed
  • Medical supplies and equipment related to COVID-19
  • Vaccines and preventives for COVID-19
  • Food, paper products, and other groceries and emergency restocking items
  • Gasoline, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, jet fuel, ethyl alcohol, and heating fuel including propane, natural gas, and heating oil

We can expect to things to slowly return to some degree of normalcy but adjustments will need to be made in many different ways.